Johan Galtung on the position of the U.S.A. in the world

From KPFA radio, Johan Galtung interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. Begins around the 35 minute mark.

Prof. Galtung has many interesting ideas, including:

  • The U.S. will withdraw from both Iraq and Afghanistan, having become irrelevant in a region which will be managed by some sort of cooperation between Turkey and China and the countries in between, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan….China is building a railroad from the Xinjiang region in western China to Kasahkstan, which could be extended to Istanbul.
  • Galtung has proposed that Afghanistan could be a loose federation (after the withdrawal of all western forces), a coaliton government with the Taliban, a conferation with the surrounding Islamic countries (Iran, Pakistan, the central Asian former USSR states, maybe the Muslim part of Kashmir and a policy of equality between nations and genders (Galtung says he has talked with the Taliban about gender equality and that they recognize they are behind the curve on that but that they will not be forced into change by western countries but will follow the lead of Muslim countries such as Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia and southern Philippines.
  • China has not invaded other countries outsie of a ‘pocket’ defined by the Gobi, the Pacific, Siberia and the Himalyas, which allows the Chinese to have a free hand all over the world since no one can say that we remember what you did 300 years ago.

Well worth a listen. For more from Galtung look him up on Democracy Now.

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