Climate change

Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2013

A BBC report details the findings of the WMO’s annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. The World Meteorological Organisation “doesn’t measure emissions from power station smokestacks but instead records how much of the warming gases remain in the atmosphere after the complex interactions that take place between the air, the land and the oceans”. The report found […]

Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado

Moore Tornado an EF-5; $2 Billion Damage Estimate: 3rd Costliest Tornado in History —- Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog

Effects of Natural Gas Extraction

Recent studies indicate that the natural gas potentially contributes more to global warming than does the use of coal. Methods such as fracking may produce substantially harmful amounts of methane emissions.

Tactics Used by Climate Change Deniers

Dr. Masters from posted information about tactics used by the Heartland Institute to undermine the scientific consensus regarding the existence of climate change.

Extreme weather in the U.S. spring 2011

Nature’s fury reached new extremes in the U.S. during the spring of 2011, from Jeff Master’s Wunder Blog.

Will the Amazon shortly become a carbon emitter?

“Another omission from the World Bank report is the obvious conclusion: trading the carbon stored in tropical forests is an incredibly risky strategy for avoiding runaway climate change. It seems increasingly likely that it would result in the release of the carbon temporarily stored in the Amazon’s forests.”

Cyclone Yasi and Great Blizzard of 2011

Two of the strongest and largest storms in recent years are ravaging the U.S. and Australia. For the mechanices check out Weather Underground.

Carbon credits stolen!?!?!?

REDD monitor: “The theft provides a glimpse into the mess that is carbon trading in Europe.”

Global Warming Is Making It Cold

An explanation of the recent cold wet winters in the face of global warming.

Explanation of severe cold in Northern Europe and unusual La Nina blizzard in U.S. Northeast

Explanation of severe cold conditions in N. Europe and parts of the U.S. as well as the unusual Nor’easter blizzard in a La Nina year.

Global Climate Change – COP 16 Meeting in Cancun

A good primer on the workings of climate change solutions and their effects on the vast majority of the residents of the planet.

China Establishing the World’s Leading Green Agenda

China has taken several substantial steps to create a green industry and tackle the challenges of presented by climate change. Is the West not capable of dealing with such challenges?

U.S. 2010 Mid-term Elections II (less rant, more sober summary)

Before delving into the details at the national level, it should be clearly noted that the capture of so many Governorships and so many state legislative seats by the Republicans will no doubt play a major role in the 2011 redrawing of Congressional districts. Politico explains: “But, despite the importance of these elections, it is […]

U.S. 2010 Elections and Climate Change

One take on the meaning of the defeat of California Prop. 23 “that would have killed the state’s landmark climate legislation”.

New post about climate change

Based on a Paul Krugman article.

Cap and trade – Huge Mistake

Two EPA lawyers argue that the cap and trade solution to climate warming is a huge mistake.

A new study shows that the Greenland ice sheet is losing its mass faster than in previous years

Climate models and dire predictions of global warming have not reflected the factual severity of the situation, a new report in Science has shown.

Urgent news from International Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen March 09

From Key Messages from the Congress March 12, 2009 Key Messages from the Congress 12 March 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark: Following a successful International Scientific Congress Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges & Decisions attended by more than 2,500 delegates from nearly 80 countries, preliminary messages from the findings were delivered by the Congress? Scientific Writing Team. The […]

Unexpected, accelarated polar melting

“Geneva Icecaps around the North and South Poles are melting faster and in a more widespread way than expected, raising sea levels and worsening climate change, according to a scientific survey. The International Polar Year survey found that warming in the Antarctic was “much more widespread than was thought”, while Arctic sea ice was diminishing and the […]