Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Update March 3, 2011- Six female demonstrators shot dead, electricity and water shut down in the north

The Ivory Coast may be facing the return of civil war as female demonstrators are murdered by Gbagbo’s security forces as he refuses to accept the results of the November elections. Thousands flee and electricity and water are cut off in the north of the country.

Ivory Coast update Jan. 5

Despite a day of negotiations involving representatives from Ecowas, Economic Community of West African States, and Kenyan Prime Minister, the presidential situation remains unclear.

Update Ivory Coast – Jan. 1, 2011

Ivory Coast on New Year’s Day 2011 finds West African countries making military plans to remove Pres. Gbagbo (who has lost the recent election) if he continues to refuse to leave office, and Obama has offered assistance in relocating him from his presidential position and from his country.

Fears of war in the Ivory Coast grow

Britain says it would back a U.N. sanctioned military intervention in the Ivory Coast to resolve the situation which the U.N. fears could lead to civil war if the hotel where Alassane Ouattara is being protected by the U.N. is attacked by Gbagbo supporters. See this report from globalpost.