Global Monies

Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Global and secret negotiations to deregulate the activities of the largest finacnial players and generally decrease the value of your life.

A Look at Steps/Missteps Taken by the Bush and Obama Admins to Fix the Damage Done in the Crash of 08

A look at the causes and lack of solutions to the ongoing financial crisis.

Fixing Greece Using the Argentina Model?

Argentina unpegged its currency from the dollar and defaulted on its debt, and not only lived to survive these acts, but prospered. Should Greece perhaps do the same? Update.

Iraq protests plus the economic impact of the uprisings in Tunisia

Protests about living conditions in Iraq, attacks on oil refinery in Iraq and oil production in Libya.

Accountability for the financial crisis: Status

No one to be held accountable for trashing the economy (U.S. and global) and essentially the theft/transfer of billions/trillions of public money into the pockets of the super rich?

Rising Commodity Prices

Krugman on rising commodity prices.

Krugman and Dean Baker on the Irish money crisis

Paul Krugman and Dean Baker assist in understanding the Irish financial situation, and by extension, aspects of the financial situation in the U.S. LSW would summarize, saying that austerity measures will only create more misery for citizens and the economy and create more crisis.

Deficit mania

The size of the budget deficit (and cumulative debt) is meaningless without reference to the size of the economy. What looks like a big debt 10 or 20 years from now may turn out to be small if growth has been rapid in the intervening years. By the same token, a seemingly small future debt […]

New page – Deficits, deficit hysteria, Bush tax cuts and other pressing economic issues

The new LSW page “Deficits, deficit hysteria, Bush tax cuts and other pressing economic issues” contains information on the deficit mania campaign now being conducted by the hyper-wealthy elite in the U.S. as well as references to further information.