Liberia and Ebola

Post based on article by Helen Epstein in the New York Review of Books containing a slight history of the country which serves to frame the outbreak of ebola in the country.

New pages on Malli

Two looks at the people and events in Mali at the beginning of the 2010s.

Mali Military and Human Rights Violations

Even a scorecard won’t help you figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are in Mali. Seems that civilians are the good guys and are suffering from the actions of both the Islamists, the Malian military. These sufferings are on top of existing hunger and poverty.

Mali – piecing together a narrative

Events in Mali are bewildering without an overview. LSW has attempted to put together an amateur picture to provide some quidance through news reports.

Libya- interesting view from Johan Galtung

Interesting take on Libya considering the west’s political and military past (colonialism, military actions in Islamic countries and Serbia).

Egypt update – March 3, 2011

New prime minister but many demands made during uprising remain on the to-be-done list, such as reforming the cabinet, rewriting the constitution, free elections, and fulfilling the demands made by workers.

Ivory Coast Update March 3, 2011- Six female demonstrators shot dead, electricity and water shut down in the north

The Ivory Coast may be facing the return of civil war as female demonstrators are murdered by Gbagbo’s security forces as he refuses to accept the results of the November elections. Thousands flee and electricity and water are cut off in the north of the country.

Iraq protests plus the economic impact of the uprisings in Tunisia

Protests about living conditions in Iraq, attacks on oil refinery in Iraq and oil production in Libya.

Updates – North Africa, Middle East, U.S.A.

Status regarding Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Jemen, Bahrain, Jordan, and uprising of the U.S. corporate right wing against labor unions middle class living conditions and attack on the schools.

Libya update – Feb. 24, 2011

Libya update based on Juan Cole and ProPublica posts

Libya . U.S. corporate military ties to Libya

U.S. military industrial ties to Libya.

Libya – Feb. 23, 2011

Libya update from Juan Cole and Aljazeera live.

Egypt – perspectives on Feb. 21, 2011

Details of the situation in Egypt on Feb. 21, including legal status of ex ministers, the position of the military on some issues, economic growth favoring only Mubarak’s clique and strikes in the public sector.

Tunisia – protests Feb. 20

“They are taking us for fools”- a sentiment expressed by one of the demonstrators.

Egypt – background on Vice President Suleiman

Vice President of Egypt, a torturer?

Egypt – Vested Interests Preventing Real Change

this post offers supplementary information to the LSW Egypt- uprising 2011 page. While Mubarak’s exit from office would be welcomed by millions, any real change would require struggles against those with vested interests in the status quo in Egypt. Vested interests would of course include the U.S. military contractors mentioned in LSW Egypt – uprising, […]

Egypt – Feb. 4 – NY Times report on Obama/USA behind the scenes machinations

Behind the scenes machinations by international actors hovering over Egypt, including somewhat revealing Blair comments and Obama mixing in to the fray.

Egypt Feb. 4 – Israel Creates Theater

Israeli comments, so to speak, on the uprising in Egypt. Including appropriate lyrics from Husker Du’s ‘Apologize’.

Egypt Jan. 31, 2011

Juan Cole on the state of play in eqypt Jan. 31, 2011.

More on Tunisia

Helena Cobban interviewed about the latest events in Tunisia, about the lack of a religous role in the uprising, the fear on the part of the Western elites that this uprising may spread to other client states, plus plus plus.

New page on Tunisia

New page on events taking place in Tunisia in Jan. 2011.

Ivory Coast update Jan. 5

Despite a day of negotiations involving representatives from Ecowas, Economic Community of West African States, and Kenyan Prime Minister, the presidential situation remains unclear.

Update Ivory Coast – Jan. 1, 2011

Ivory Coast on New Year’s Day 2011 finds West African countries making military plans to remove Pres. Gbagbo (who has lost the recent election) if he continues to refuse to leave office, and Obama has offered assistance in relocating him from his presidential position and from his country.

Fears of war in the Ivory Coast grow

Britain says it would back a U.N. sanctioned military intervention in the Ivory Coast to resolve the situation which the U.N. fears could lead to civil war if the hotel where Alassane Ouattara is being protected by the U.N. is attacked by Gbagbo supporters. See this report from globalpost.

The U.S. vs. The Lord’s Resistance Army

Obama aiming to eliminate the horrendous Lord’s Resistance Army from Uganda and surrounding countries; one wonders how this action functions within the desire to expand U.S. military presence in Africa.