US elections 2010

One last U.S. 2010 Mid-term Election Update

Baseline Scenario on the effect of the U.S. 2010 midterm elections on financial reform effort as well as David Broder’s advice to President Obama on starting a war with Iran (or just kind of faking it) in order to revive his political fortunes.

U.S. 2010 Mid-term Election Results III

future of health care, the Democrats after the demise of the Blue Dogs, the debt ceiling and more.

U.S. 2010 Mid-term Elections II (less rant, more sober summary)

Before delving into the details at the national level, it should be clearly noted that the capture of so many Governorships and so many state legislative seats by the Republicans will no doubt play a major role in the 2011 redrawing of Congressional districts. Politico explains: “But, despite the importance of these elections, it is […]

USA mid-term ‘we are mad and we are taking back our country’ elections 2010

Bozos on parade, sorry, I couldn’t resist. Maybe an old Dylan quote or two, ‘darkness at the break of noon’ or ‘it’s all over now baby blue’ would have been better. Or maybe more to the point, ‘he not busy being born is busy dying’.

Excellent Frank Rich column

Rich’s column, “What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?” in the NY Times, Sunday 210.24.10, is well worth reading for its insight and information. To wit: “But the most relentless drag on a chief executive who promised change we can believe in is even more ominous. It’s the country’s fatalistic sense that the stacked […]

Will the new Republicans in Congress try to impeach Obama?

Prospects for the U.S. midterm elections and visions of the possible landscape afterwards.

U.S.A. Campaign Finance update

Here are background and updates on the flood of money overwhelming what is left of American democracy, which might be renamed corporate democracy or corporate kleptocracy