Story behind the so-called Khorasan Group

The Intercept has published an article, THE FAKE TERROR THREAT USED TO JUSTIFY BOMBING SYRIA, which details how the U.S. invented a so-called terror group and used their invention to justify bombing Syria.

Iraq protests plus the economic impact of the uprisings in Tunisia

Protests about living conditions in Iraq, attacks on oil refinery in Iraq and oil production in Libya.

Iraq update Feb. 2011 – protests, doubts about U.S. withdrawal, status of government building

Protests against the Iraqi government
Gates expresses doubt about withdrawal by end of 2011
Status of Iraqi government formation

The New York Times on events in Iraq Oct. 2010

Sunni Awakening Councils joining Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia post an a potential of increased violence and instability in Iraq.

The Humanitarian Consequences of the U.S. war on Iraqi citizens

Will the U.S. (once again?) walk away from a country that the military of the U.S. has destroyed or will the country accept responsibility for its catastrophic actions.

New section about the U.S. occupation of Iraq

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