Congress and Obama Protect Monsanto

“The biotech industry, with the help of Congress, is attempting an end-run of the judicial system. Since judges can’t get be bought off, just go to your friends in Congress instead.” Food Safety News

New Look at the Financial Crisis

More information about the financial crisis.

New LSW page on the fiscal cliff deal

A new LSW page looks at the deal Congress and the Obama administration reached to resolve the set of problems commonly called the ‘fiscal cliff’.

More clarity on the ‘fiscal cliff’

The title of this Baseline Scenario post says it all: If Entitlement Programs Are Your Top Priority, the Fiscal Cliff Is Your Friend

The fiscal cliff and Obama

The so-called fiscal cliff story will provide a good look at the manipulations put into play by corporate dems and republicans who want to diminish the size and operating area of the government as well as giving us a good idea of how Obama will fight the hysteria of the Republicans and how far he […]

‘Too Big To Fail’ Still Active Principle

Baseline Scenario writes that despite the proclamation by prominent voices that ‘too big to fail’ has been ended, ‘too big to fail’ lives.

NY Times suggestions to improve the U.S. economy

A few easily implemented actions that would improve the U.S. economy that even tea bags can understand, although those looking only to undermine Obama’s presidency will no doubt demur.

Obama’s choice of campaign director does not bode well for the humans on the planet

It does not seem that the spirit and hope which brought Obama into the White House in 2008 is anything more than a memory, moving in the shadows of the corporate plutocracy. Oh sweet Obama spirit, we hardly knew ye.

Rep. Kucinich on the Attack on the Public Sphere

On the rightwing Republican attack on collective negotiating rights of public employees and on the attempt to privatize public property.

U.S. States Get Down and Miserly While U.S. Corps Pay Little or No Taxes

Several discussions of states reducing unemployment benefits and low corporate tax contributions leading into a conclusion by David Cay Johnston that in a year or two, given the political struggles present in the land today, we will know if we will be living in a completely corporatized society or if there will be pushback.

Update of LSW’s Obama administration page

Update of LSW Obama administration page. Looks at changes in the White House with perspectives on former and now present appoointees, interpretations of the 2010 election results with a keen eye on possible tea bag weakeness, Obama personality traits and his occupation of Republican policy areas, and Obama White House strategies as 2012 approaches and 2008 more and more seems like it took place in a far away galaxy in a long ago time.

Struggle in Wisconsin

Krugman on the struggle in Wisconsin as seen in the light of Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” – using a constructed crisis as a smoke screen to implement right wing dreams of privatization and other means to rob citizens of their wealth on behalf of the rich.

An Informative Wrinkle on the Raymond Davis case

Out of control CIA contractors on the loose, killing people and maybe spying on a new Pakistani missle, the Barbur?

The Actual State of the U.S. Economy

“…we are well on our way to a real crisis.”

Wisconsin – facts about claims that Wisconsin public workers don’t pay enough for their health care

Perspectives on Wisconsin Governor Walker and his claims that public employees don’t pay enough for health care and should be stripped of the right to negotiate salaries.

Dean Baker on the origins and severity of the so-called crisis with public pensions

The causes and severity of the so-called crisis with public employee pensions.

Obama’s Federal Spending Freeze, Cut in Corp. Taxes and Inevitable Bailouts

Possible effects on financial and health reform of Obama’s spending freeze, the effects on governance of the need to raise one billion dollars to run for President in 2012 and the inevitability of bailouts.

Deficit hawk hypocrites

Baseline Scenario illuminates the defict raising sins of the deficit hawks.

Obama Appoints GE chairman as top economic advisor

Obama further ensconces his administration within the cocoon of the (less daft) Republican camp.

Perspectives on Arizona shootings, Obama, Republicans plus plus

Perspectives on the state of the union.

With new appointees President Obama makes it official

Is President Obama declaring with his appintment of William Daley as his chief of staff and Gene Sterling to head the National economic council that he is a Republican?

Accountability for the financial crisis: Status

No one to be held accountable for trashing the economy (U.S. and global) and essentially the theft/transfer of billions/trillions of public money into the pockets of the super rich?

New START treaty

How great is the new START treaty?
New START is a force-affirmation treaty, designed to clarify, but not change or disarm, U.S. and Russian nuclear arms. There is no disarmament required by the treaty. There is no indication that it is a “first step” toward “further” “disarmament.”

Baseline Scenario on what is wrong with cutting taxes

Cut taxes on the rich. Why? Baseline Scenario on the mistaken notion that such tax cuts will help anyone or anything other than the bank accounts of the rich, where the money will stay put, unused to any good effect.

U.S. and Israel – Juan Cole on Economic Sanctions

Juan Cole suggests that the U.S. allow the U.N. Security Council vote on applying economic sanctions on Israel.

Merry Christmas to the Unemployed – No More Unemployment Benefits

Republicans and wealthy Democrats don’t want the unemployed to be able to eat and pay the rent but wnat to give the filthy rich billions in tax cuts. Is everybody asleep out there?

Deficit mania

The size of the budget deficit (and cumulative debt) is meaningless without reference to the size of the economy. What looks like a big debt 10 or 20 years from now may turn out to be small if growth has been rapid in the intervening years. By the same token, a seemingly small future debt […]

New page – Deficits, deficit hysteria, Bush tax cuts and other pressing economic issues

The new LSW page “Deficits, deficit hysteria, Bush tax cuts and other pressing economic issues” contains information on the deficit mania campaign now being conducted by the hyper-wealthy elite in the U.S. as well as references to further information.

The Ghailani verdict

The Ghailani verdict proves that civilian courts (and the U.S. justice system by extension) can and should be used to try people charged with terrorist actions.

Pentagon Report on War in Afghanistan – Different Takes by NY Times and BBC

Reading/listening to coverage of the report by the BBC and NY Times one could start to wonder if they were covering the same report. But Juan Cole sets the Pentagon report (while not mentioning it) in the proper light of a report by an occupier.