US invokes emergency act to keep H7N9 flu at bay

May 8, 2013; The New Scientist reports: “THE US government has declared that H7N9 bird flu “poses a significant potential for a public health emergency”, and has given “emergency use authorisation” for diagnostic kits for the virus. This means tests can be used that haven’t gone through the usual lengthy approval process by the US […]

Somebody is taking out patents on our genes.

Myriad’s patents on these genes “encompass every conceivable use of the three types of DNA, including diagnostics, therapies, drug development, and the identification of other cancers involving either of the genes.”

New pages on writing and science

Perhaps in order to assist the somewhat leaky memory residing in LSW, and in the spirit in which LSW was established (primarily as an attempt to keep order in the incessant streams of information in which LSW chooses to be immersed) a page Writing and a page Science are being used to keep track of […]

Graphene – one atom thick carbon material

The 2010 Nobel prize in physics was awarded for “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene”.

Bacteria resistant to antibiotics: NDM-1 and MRSA

Information about bacteria that are resistant to treatment using antibiotics.

New Life Forms?

Sounds like a Star Trek episode, something along the lines of Trouble with Tribbles or the Next Generation where Wesley inadvertently gets involved with a society of mites but two bits of news came out lately regarding new life forms.