The Free Market vs. Government (regulation)

U.S. States Get Down and Miserly While U.S. Corps Pay Little or No Taxes

Several discussions of states reducing unemployment benefits and low corporate tax contributions leading into a conclusion by David Cay Johnston that in a year or two, given the political struggles present in the land today, we will know if we will be living in a completely corporatized society or if there will be pushback.

Global Climate Change – COP 16 Meeting in Cancun

A good primer on the workings of climate change solutions and their effects on the vast majority of the residents of the planet.

Frank Rich on Favorite LSW Topic – The Inability of the U.S. to Maintain a Democracy So Long Money is in Politics

Frank Rich on the role of giant money in a steadily dminishing political sphere in the U.S.

China On A Shopping Trip

China 2 – 0? China winning the struggle for future energy supplies over the West?

Excellent Frank Rich column

Rich’s column, “What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?” in the NY Times, Sunday 210.24.10, is well worth reading for its insight and information. To wit: “But the most relentless drag on a chief executive who promised change we can believe in is even more ominous. It’s the country’s fatalistic sense that the stacked […]

New narrative revolving around government regulation vs. free market

New narrative