The Obama Administration

Obama’s choice of campaign director does not bode well for the humans on the planet

It does not seem that the spirit and hope which brought Obama into the White House in 2008 is anything more than a memory, moving in the shadows of the corporate plutocracy. Oh sweet Obama spirit, we hardly knew ye.

Rep. Kucinich on the Attack on the Public Sphere

On the rightwing Republican attack on collective negotiating rights of public employees and on the attempt to privatize public property.

Update of LSW’s Obama administration page

Update of LSW Obama administration page. Looks at changes in the White House with perspectives on former and now present appoointees, interpretations of the 2010 election results with a keen eye on possible tea bag weakeness, Obama personality traits and his occupation of Republican policy areas, and Obama White House strategies as 2012 approaches and 2008 more and more seems like it took place in a far away galaxy in a long ago time.

Obama’s Federal Spending Freeze, Cut in Corp. Taxes and Inevitable Bailouts

Possible effects on financial and health reform of Obama’s spending freeze, the effects on governance of the need to raise one billion dollars to run for President in 2012 and the inevitability of bailouts.

Obama Appoints GE chairman as top economic advisor

Obama further ensconces his administration within the cocoon of the (less daft) Republican camp.

Perspectives on Arizona shootings, Obama, Republicans plus plus

Perspectives on the state of the union.

With new appointees President Obama makes it official

Is President Obama declaring with his appintment of William Daley as his chief of staff and Gene Sterling to head the National economic council that he is a Republican?

Accountability for the financial crisis: Status

No one to be held accountable for trashing the economy (U.S. and global) and essentially the theft/transfer of billions/trillions of public money into the pockets of the super rich?

New START treaty

How great is the new START treaty?
New START is a force-affirmation treaty, designed to clarify, but not change or disarm, U.S. and Russian nuclear arms. There is no disarmament required by the treaty. There is no indication that it is a “first step” toward “further” “disarmament.”

The Ghailani verdict

The Ghailani verdict proves that civilian courts (and the U.S. justice system by extension) can and should be used to try people charged with terrorist actions.

U.S. 2010 Mid-term Elections II (less rant, more sober summary)

Before delving into the details at the national level, it should be clearly noted that the capture of so many Governorships and so many state legislative seats by the Republicans will no doubt play a major role in the 2011 redrawing of Congressional districts. Politico explains: “But, despite the importance of these elections, it is […]

USA mid-term ‘we are mad and we are taking back our country’ elections 2010

Bozos on parade, sorry, I couldn’t resist. Maybe an old Dylan quote or two, ‘darkness at the break of noon’ or ‘it’s all over now baby blue’ would have been better. Or maybe more to the point, ‘he not busy being born is busy dying’.

Excellent Frank Rich column

Rich’s column, “What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?” in the NY Times, Sunday 210.24.10, is well worth reading for its insight and information. To wit: “But the most relentless drag on a chief executive who promised change we can believe in is even more ominous. It’s the country’s fatalistic sense that the stacked […]

U.S. Can Kidnap People and Hold Them for Years While We Sleep

Judicially speaking, O = W.

Who is in control?

Rogue private military firms employed by the Pentagon outside of any form for normal control.

Where does W. stop and O. start?

One wonders sometimes if regime change in Washington is just an illusion. The BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe is a case in point. As Obama was making ready to be ‘mad’ at BP it is revealed that the White House colluded with BP to keep the full extent of the disaster from the public by […]

The nomination of Elena Kagan to the Surpeme Court

Elena Kagan’s nomination as seen by Marjorie Cohn and Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vincent Warren

Dawn Johnsen and the Obama administration

The handling of its own nomination of Dawn Johnsen to head the Office of Legal Councel indicates that the Obama administration has no intention to deviate from the Bush/Cheney administation’s practices of maneuvering around Consitutional limits and around the law in order to assume power unto itself.