The Obama administration at large in the world

An Informative Wrinkle on the Raymond Davis case

Out of control CIA contractors on the loose, killing people and maybe spying on a new Pakistani missle, the Barbur?

New START treaty

How great is the new START treaty?
New START is a force-affirmation treaty, designed to clarify, but not change or disarm, U.S. and Russian nuclear arms. There is no disarmament required by the treaty. There is no indication that it is a “first step” toward “further” “disarmament.”

U.S. and Israel – Juan Cole on Economic Sanctions

Juan Cole suggests that the U.S. allow the U.N. Security Council vote on applying economic sanctions on Israel.

Pentagon Report on War in Afghanistan – Different Takes by NY Times and BBC

Reading/listening to coverage of the report by the BBC and NY Times one could start to wonder if they were covering the same report. But Juan Cole sets the Pentagon report (while not mentioning it) in the proper light of a report by an occupier.

Juan Cole on David Broder’s Suggestion to Threaten War on Iran In Order for Obama to Save His Presidency

Juan Cole: “I can’t think of anything that would be worse for the US economy, or for Obama’s prospects for a second term, than going to a war footing with Iran. And, my own experience is that if you go to a war footing with a country, you have to be prepared for things spinning out of control and into actual war.”

Johan Galtung on the position of the U.S.A. in the world

Johan Galtung on the position of the U.S.A. in the world, ways forward for Afghanistan, and China relative to the area.

Israel and the blockade

Excellent concise informative post by Juan Cole on Israel, the blockade of Gaza, the Palestinians, the state of Gazan children’s health, and the need for Palestinians citizenship in a soveregin state.

Obama and Karzai – Juan Cole details the struggle

Juan Cole on Obama Karzai tensions, the military operations in Marjah and Kandahar, and the current state of events in Afghanistan.

Juan Cole looks at civilian attitudes in Helmand Province and Qandahar, Afghanistan

Juan Cole writes in a post that:

I conclude from this sounding that the planned US invasion of Qandahar city is likely to be a disaster that turns millions of Western Pashtuns against the US and NATO.

NATO kills four Afghan civilians

NATO kills four Afghan civilians returning from a volleyball game.

And the drones keep on coming

More drone attacks

Use of Drones

No one is resonsible for the death of civilians. The killing inherent in war becomes too riskless and too easy. Both moral and practical barriers disappear, increasing the lilkelihood that the use of these instruments of destruction will increase, increasing in turn the likelihood that the recipients of these death dellivering missles will further resist and plan for revenge. Winning heats and minds has never been farther away. Blowback becomes ever more operative.

Blackwater update Jan. 10, 2010

Update on the questionable activities of the private military organization, Blackwater, on the the obama administration in the world page.

Christmas day attempted bombing

Is this a movie we have seen before?