U.S. 2016 Elections

North Carolina Senate and Governor races

Debora Ross could whomp on siting NC Sen. Burr thus both getting rid of a gun promoting fossil fuel promoting Trump supporter as well as “help change the ossified, obstructionist state of Senate politics.” UPDATE: Ross lost,Burr won. Ballotpedia writes: Republican President-elect Donald Trump, who did not establish a strong ground game in the state, […]

Fivethirtyeight explanation of March 15 primaries

For a detailed look at the facts behind the narrative slop about the March 15 primaries, Don’t Sleep On Illinois And Missouri — They Could Help Make Trump Unstoppable at 538.com explains the ins and outs of the states’ winner take all vs proportional award of delegates.

Clinton and the deep state

Article on Informed Comment, “On Eve of Super Tuesday: Can Bernie Sanders outmaneuver Democratic Party Corporatism?”, looks at how the Democrate corporatists act as a deep state to push the primaries over in Hillary’s favor,