Hunger Games, The Handmaid’s Tale, Continuum and mom

Despite the post title, this is not a review of consumer entertainment options but a reflection on the the changes in communications technology since the years immediately preceding the inception of the Internet.

LSW Structure Completed

Finished with a renewal of of overall structure based on a dissatisfaction with the mess the site had become.

General LSW Structure Set, Possibly

LSW page reflects the nominal structure for the whole site. Always a danger when the conveyor of information outshines the information itself, and yet the design process is of interest here.

The wind is howling

Two riders approaching

LSW Under Revision

LSW is in another fit of ‘upgrade process’. While the general idea behind LSW has remained stable – the presentation of context or narrative in which events can be placed in a manner that brings explanation and, dare we say, a smudge of enlightenment (no, we shan’t be so presumptive) – the form in which […]

New Ferguson page on LSW

In an attempt to provide a context for understanding events in Ferguson as well as some sort of view of events as they develop, LSW has set up a Ferguson page.

Richard Pryor on Netflix

Musings of an idle Sunday.