Update on the Honduran coup in light of Wikileaks documents

Wikileaks detail the original view of the Honduran coup as written in a cable sent by Honduran ambassador, Hugo Llorens, a view conveniently forgotten once Lanny Davis and other lobbyists, hired by elements supporting the coup, got to work in Washington.

More on the Honduran ‘elections’

Further analysis of events in Honduras can be heard/seen on Democracy Now and on KPFA’s The Morning Show at the 12.30 minute mark.

Honduran ‘elections’ held on Sunday Nov. 29

Honduran ‘election’ conducted by government imposed by military coup. Most countries and international organizations refuse to acknowledge the ‘election’

Honduras ‘elections’ Sunday Nov. 29, 2009

Presidential ‘election’ are to be held in Honduras on Sunday Nov. 29, 2009. Most countries around the world are not prepared to accept the validity of these ‘elections’ in the wake of the military coup that took place in June of 2009. On the other hand, the U.S. seems to be ready to grant the ‘election’ the sheen of American acquiescence.

Honduras – who is lobbying who on behalf of the coup leaders?

Hillary Clinton associates and former Reagan administration Central American operatives lobbying on behalf of the military coup leaders.