Update on Afghanistan – New Year’s day 2011

The U.S. war in Afghanistan is not about al-Qaeda.

Pentagon Report on War in Afghanistan – Different Takes by NY Times and BBC

Reading/listening to coverage of the report by the BBC and NY Times one could start to wonder if they were covering the same report. But Juan Cole sets the Pentagon report (while not mentioning it) in the proper light of a report by an occupier.

Johan Galtung on the position of the U.S.A. in the world

Johan Galtung on the position of the U.S.A. in the world, ways forward for Afghanistan, and China relative to the area.

Obama and Karzai – Juan Cole details the struggle

Juan Cole on Obama Karzai tensions, the military operations in Marjah and Kandahar, and the current state of events in Afghanistan.

Juan Cole looks at civilian attitudes in Helmand Province and Qandahar, Afghanistan

Juan Cole writes in a post that:

I conclude from this sounding that the planned US invasion of Qandahar city is likely to be a disaster that turns millions of Western Pashtuns against the US and NATO.

NATO kills four Afghan civilians

NATO kills four Afghan civilians returning from a volleyball game.

Ahmed Rashid update on Afghanistan, from an article written Jan. 27, 2010

Ahmed Rashid’s article in the February 25, 2010 issue of The New York Review of Books, provides us with concise picture of the present configuration of forces on the ground in Afghanistan as well as describing the opening created through a possible set of diplomatic moves which might be lumped together under the rubric, talking with the Taliban.

Pakistan update Dec. 15, 09

Juan Cole has an update on Sunday Dec. 13, 09, on the situation in South Warziristan where the Pakistani military has announced that it has ended its military campaign. The New York Times has an informative article detailing the roles and strategies of the Pakistani military, the U.S., the various Taliban on both sides of […]

Obama raises the ante

Brief survey of several analyses of Obama’s announcement that he is sending 30 000 more troops to Afghanistan, including interviews on Democracy Now with Rep. Kucinich, retired Col. Andrew Bacevich, Viet Vet and scholar, and Nir Rosen, independent journalist, and Juan cole’s article on Salon.

Narrative update for Afghanistan

An additional perspective on Afghanistan placed in the context of the region and its resources. Looks at China and India and Pakistan and energy resources as related to Afghanistan.

An Overview of the situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan

This overview has been added to the Afghanistan and Pakistan section and forms the base, for the time being, of LSW’s presentation of these two countries.

Two takes on Afghanistan Oct. 16, 2009

1. In an article today, the NY Times references comments by the Afghan ambassador in Washington, Said Tayeb Jawad, indicating that the investigation of electoral fraud may necessitate a runoff election between President Karzai and his main rival, Abdullah Abdullah Excellent background on the Afghan elections can be found in Juan Cole’s Informed Consent today, […]