American Israeli relations

The fiscal cliff and Obama

The so-called fiscal cliff story will provide a good look at the manipulations put into play by corporate dems and republicans who want to diminish the size and operating area of the government as well as giving us a good idea of how Obama will fight the hysteria of the Republicans and how far he […]

Reports again Circulate about Possibly Imminent Israeli Attack on Iran – November 6, 2011

Links to N.Y. Times, Council on Foreign Relations, Haaretz, Juan Cole, Time.

U.S. and Israel – Juan Cole on Economic Sanctions

Juan Cole suggests that the U.S. allow the U.N. Security Council vote on applying economic sanctions on Israel.

Israel and the blockade

Excellent concise informative post by Juan Cole on Israel, the blockade of Gaza, the Palestinians, the state of Gazan children’s health, and the need for Palestinians citizenship in a soveregin state.

More on the U.S. Israel dustup around Biden’s visit

An excellent post on the London Review bog site details some of the diplomatic and political machinery now in play between the U.S. and Israel.

Glimmers of hope regarding American-Israeli relations observed

Given the paucity of glimmers of hope regarding Israel’s barbaric conduct and the usually impenetrable fortress of blind American support for such behavior, one wishes to set off bells and whistles when even a slight parting of the bleakness appears as in Glenn Greenwald’s Salon column of March 9. Greenwald’s column draws attention to Roger […]