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Jason Goodwin – author, Istanbul, mysteries

Don’t forget to look into this fellow’s writings more closely: Jason Goodwin. First heard about him on a NPR morning edition report, describing a cookbook that he has spun off from his Yashim the Detective series.

Richard Pryor on Netflix

Musings of an idle Sunday.

IU basketball and world history

Those alumni folks are on their game, sending out invites to travel to Wash. D.C. to watch IU vs ‘Cuse a half an hour after the end of the Temple game. Hope there’s tons of IU fans in our nation’s capital. I love that phrase, ‘in our nation’s whatever’. On the TV weather here in […]

“Argo” in a less than positive light

“The film thus distorts and belittles an event that transformed U.S. history.” Kevin B. Lee


Regarding Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Tony Kushner, who wrote the film’s script.