Human Rights Watch report – Israel committed war crimes

HRW says Israel committed war crimes in the latest round of fighting against Hamas in Gaza. From Haaretz: New York-based Human Rights Watch made the conclusion following an investigation it carried out into attacks on or near three UN-run schools housing displaced Palestinians. The group said Thursday that no military targets were apparent in the […]

Reports again Circulate about Possibly Imminent Israeli Attack on Iran – November 6, 2011

Links to N.Y. Times, Council on Foreign Relations, Haaretz, Juan Cole, Time.

Egypt Feb. 4 – Israel Creates Theater

Israeli comments, so to speak, on the uprising in Egypt. Including appropriate lyrics from Husker Du’s ‘Apologize’.

Increased violence in Gaza

The situation is ‘fragile and explosive’.

U.S. and Israel – Juan Cole on Economic Sanctions

Juan Cole suggests that the U.S. allow the U.N. Security Council vote on applying economic sanctions on Israel.

Israel – New Referendum Law May Derail Further Already Derailed Hopes of Peace

Israel’s new referendum law – the nail in the coffin to the two-state solution and to the Obama administration’s attempts to create a peace in the Middle East?

Israel loyalty oath

The UPI (among countless others) reported: “After hours of deliberations, 22 ministers ruled in favor of the bill that will require new citizens to take a loyalty oath and pledge allegiance to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state.”” Juan Cole writes that: “But the backer of the oath, Avigdor Lieberman (a former club bouncer […]

Israel and the blockade

Excellent concise informative post by Juan Cole on Israel, the blockade of Gaza, the Palestinians, the state of Gazan children’s health, and the need for Palestinians citizenship in a soveregin state.

Israel after the massacre at sea

Thoughts on Israel’s future after the latest outrageous behaviour.

More on the U.S. Israel dustup around Biden’s visit

An excellent post on the London Review bog site details some of the diplomatic and political machinery now in play between the U.S. and Israel.

Israel disses the Obama administration again

The U.S., Israel and the Palestenians and ‘as if’ peace negotiations in light of the Israeli Biden slap in the face .

Analysis of Israel’s new government coalition

From Former Member of Knesset Uri Avneri, leader of Gush Shalom and Israel’s most respected peace activist, published in Tikkun. A sample from the article: “As far as the most important matter is concerned, there is complete unanimity.  Liberman, Netanyahu, Barak, Ellie Yishai of Shas and Danny Hershkovitz of the  “Jewish Home” party are in total […]

Glimmers of hope regarding American-Israeli relations observed

Given the paucity of glimmers of hope regarding Israel’s barbaric conduct and the usually impenetrable fortress of blind American support for such behavior, one wishes to set off bells and whistles when even a slight parting of the bleakness appears as in Glenn Greenwald’s Salon column of March 9. Greenwald’s column draws attention to Roger […]