LSW developments

LSW Structure Completed

Finished with a renewal of of overall structure based on a dissatisfaction with the mess the site had become.

General LSW Structure Set, Possibly

LSW page reflects the nominal structure for the whole site. Always a danger when the conveyor of information outshines the information itself, and yet the design process is of interest here.

LSW Under Revision

LSW is in another fit of ‘upgrade process’. While the general idea behind LSW has remained stable – the presentation of context or narrative in which events can be placed in a manner that brings explanation and, dare we say, a smudge of enlightenment (no, we shan’t be so presumptive) – the form in which […]

Links to New York Review of Books articles, yet to be resolved into LSW narratives

Links to many articles from the New York Review of Books whcih contain information as yet to be incorporated in Landed Series Wandering. The topics of the articles looked at include Brazil, China, several currents in the U.S. science, the press, Egypt and Russia, among many other topics..

New method for setting up LSW pages

Discussion on the new method of presenting information on LSW represented by the two new LSW Mali pages.

Compliments to LSW

Compliments to LSW and questions of a technical sort.

LSW has added RSS functionaity

Please send notification if the RSS functionality does not function properly.

Technical aspects of LSW

Extemely limited resources are the excuse for LSW’s clearly visible lack of technical finesse.

Landed Series Wandering summer break

First, I would like to thank those who have written in with praise for LSW. Not sure how you all bumped into LSW but it is nice hearing from you. Praise is nice but critical comments regarding what is written here are welcome. Discussions would be super. Realistically, I will have little time before August […]

Summary of site development these last months (first months of 2010)

Summary of recent attempts to arrive at a functioning structure for LSW.

Redesign of site?

LSW redesign?

About LSW update

Going to try to set up a narrative, an update of the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as of Oct. 09 based on an article by Ahmed Rashid, in NY Review of Books. I see that the Narrative pages should be flanked on the right by updates specific to the narrative in question. Not sure […]

Evolution of the beast – Sat. March 14, 09

Given my inability to keep up, or even to establish the narratives to which the current events will be referenced, in a slight act of desparation I have started today posting current events without having the context in place. I copied straight up a Dean Baker post about Chinese concerns regarding their Treasury holdings. I […]

New narrative

As the topic for my first narrative I choose the financial crisis in all its glory I have read/heard quite a bit about various causes and backgrounds for the present state of money affairs, but having not entered that information into any system previously, I will use an article How We Were Ruined and What […]