Trump is Killing Us

The mad hatter is killing us, loudly, if we would only notice all the dereguatory activity by the Trump cabinet of criminal swamp creatures, going down behind his huffing and puffing. Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Helps Call the Shots Trump’s Legacy: Damaged Brains, Kristoff, NY Times.

facebook as a political agent


crispr embryo heart disease

CRISPR fixes disease gene in viable human embryos

privatize war and foreign policy

ump Aides Recruited Businessmen to Devise Options for Afghanistan

Trump Israel Arab Allies

USA (Trump/Kushner/Sheldon Adelson), Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu), Sunni (Jordan/UAE/Egypt), Shia configuration in the age of the Trump: informative NY Times article detailing the roles played by the various actors.

Grounds for impeachment already before inauguration?

Are Mr. Trump’s business dealings’ putting him in violation of the Constitution already on day one of his presidency?

Betsy DeVos – Could Be Your Next Secretary of Education

New LSW page on DeVos, who Mr. Trump- who at times according to Big Worries About Betsy DeVos displays ‘breathtaking ignorance about the powers and basic function of government’ – has nominated to be Education Secretary.

Steven Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary nominee

Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo

He Knows Things

TGT said on the eve to what should be an entertaining year in the U.S. of A. that he knows things that others don’t know, referring apparently to the possible hacking of the DNC by Russia. He also said that he knows a lot about hacking and that we will find out what he knows […]

Say what!?!?!?

The president-elect said the following in relation to the present president’s actions towards Russia: “I think we ought to get on with our lives,” he said. “I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. We have speed, we […]

Rick Perry the mad dog of the Enegy Dept.?

What will be misbegotten result of the combination of Rick I-can’t-remember-the-name-of-that-department Perry as head of that department and the new president who seemingly thinks climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese?

Jason Goodwin – author, Istanbul, mysteries

Don’t forget to look into this fellow’s writings more closely: Jason Goodwin. First heard about him on a NPR morning edition report, describing a cookbook that he has spun off from his Yashim the Detective series.

CRISPR – gene editing

LSW page looking at gene editing, DNA manipulation and the new promising/frightenng tool for altering genes.

Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2013

A BBC report details the findings of the WMO’s annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. The World Meteorological Organisation “doesn’t measure emissions from power station smokestacks but instead records how much of the warming gases remain in the atmosphere after the complex interactions that take place between the air, the land and the oceans”. The report found […]

Extreme weather update – Jan. 13, 2013

LSW Extreme Weather page has been updated with information on the U.S. drought and the disappearing Mississippi river as well as more information on the fires in Australia.

LSW Extreme Weather Page Update

LSW Extreme Weather page has been updated and include overview of 2012 weather and an item on Australian fires.


Regarding Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Tony Kushner, who wrote the film’s script.

More clarity on the ‘fiscal cliff’

The title of this Baseline Scenario post says it all: If Entitlement Programs Are Your Top Priority, the Fiscal Cliff Is Your Friend

Nate Silver

Baseline Scenario article about statistician Nate Silver who has successfully predicted the presidential (by state)l and senate races in 2008 and 2012. The article looks at the pros and cons of Silver’s statistical approach.

US 2012 Election Results

Do 2012 U.S: election results indicate a slight glimmer of a desire to join the modern secular world?

‘Too Big To Fail’ Still Active Principle

Baseline Scenario writes that despite the proclamation by prominent voices that ‘too big to fail’ has been ended, ‘too big to fail’ lives.

New page about USA 2012 Elections

Social Unrest in Guangdong, China June 2011

Reuters report on unrest in Guangdong Authorities arrest 19 over S.China riots. Rioting erupted among the large migrant community in Zengcheng city. “simmering resentment among the huge migrant worker community over perceived discrimination and social pressures such as rising inflation” led to the unrest. Other clashes have erupted in southern China in recent weeks, including […]

Obama’s choice of campaign director does not bode well for the humans on the planet

It does not seem that the spirit and hope which brought Obama into the White House in 2008 is anything more than a memory, moving in the shadows of the corporate plutocracy. Oh sweet Obama spirit, we hardly knew ye.

Rep. Kucinich on the Attack on the Public Sphere

On the rightwing Republican attack on collective negotiating rights of public employees and on the attempt to privatize public property.

Short summary of the power struggle in Wisconsin

LSW has set up a page that attempts a concise summary of the struggles in Wisconsin between working people and the governor.

The state of the U.S. seen in light of the Egyptian uprising

Mubarak morphs into the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, forcing one to bring up Zappa texts, “cop kill a creep, pow pow pow” and Congressional Republicans are back to acting out their religious fundamentalist fantasies. Right there in front of the nation and God.

Egypt Feb. 4 – Israel Creates Theater

Israeli comments, so to speak, on the uprising in Egypt. Including appropriate lyrics from Husker Du’s ‘Apologize’.

New page – extreme weather events

Page to keep track of Extreme weather events.

New Ivory Coast page

Based on an interview with Syracuse University professor Horace Campbell on Democracy Now, the new page attempts to provide a starting point to understanding the situation in the Ivory Coast as 2010 becomes 2011.